Welcome to the Karisma Gourmet Inclusive Travel Agent Portal site, your new Home Page away from home. Consider this your Karisma Gourmet Inclusive HQ: Apply for our agent programs, take advantage of marketing tools, log bookings, track progress, and watch as the rewards pour in. You supply the bookings and we’ll supply a myriad of incentives and promotions. It’s that simple. We are thrilled at the prospect of partnering in this mutually beneficial endeavor, and can’t wait to get started.

Our Agent Programs

Regardless of your area of expertise, we have a Gourmet Inclusive program to benefit you: Vacation Consultant, Wedding Consultant, Honeymoon & Anniversary Consultant and Agent Rewards.


Sales & Marketing

Business Cards, Customized Flyers, Customized ad Templates, E-Brochures, Video Spots, Webinars, Social Media Kits and more – ALL available to you as a Gourmet Inclusive Consultant. We give you every opportunity to succeed. All you have to do is apply.

My Bookings

Know the programs. REGISTER and become a key player for the best in the business. Record bookings, track sales, points and, of course, rewards!

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